My sons are now in their late twenties, but the three of us still live together. Recently, one of them used the expression "raising future adults" when saying something about how I raised them. His somewhat flippant remark caused me to start this blog a day or two later. Something I saw on the internet inspired me to write my first post yesterday.

Although my son's remark was a bit flippant, it is absolutely true and he knows it. While raising my sons, I always kept in mind that the whole point of parenting is to produce functional adults. This was a guideline that informed everything I did as a parent.

This guideline caused me to make different choices than some parents make when they apparently lose sight of "So what happens down the line when my child hits puberty or turns 18?" Many parents make choices that may work just fine in the short run while their child is three, but may come back to bite them at some later date. Because no child stays three forever.

I am a former military wife and homeschooling mom. While I was homeschooling my sons, I was briefly Director of Community Life for The TAG Project during the short window of time that it was trying to become a tax deductible charity, an endeavor that was eventually abandoned. I have had two previous websites about parenting my kids. Hopefully, the third time's the charm.


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